Point That Android Phone and Shoot a Better Picture! – Top 5 Photo Apps

While your smart phone is great for making calls, texting, or even watching the latest news, most have the added advantage of taking pictures and sending them to anyone in an instant. Features like zooming, sepia and negative filters can make you look like a professional pretty quickly. But if you are interested in improving on the basics check out these photo editing apps:

Camera Illusion – Android Illusion (Free)

Most photo editors only allow you to add effects after a picture is taken. With this app, you can add effects before taking a photo such as comic art, rough glass effects, x-ray filter, borders, and masks. The pro version is under $3.

PicSay – Shinycore (Free)

The easy user interface makes this editor a great addition to your tool set. Users can correct color, crop images, write balloon captions, and apply special effects. The pro version allows you to remove red-eye and has more effects you can apply. Pro version is under $5.

FxCamera – ymst (Free)

As the name suggests, this app allows the user to apply a vast array of special effects to their pictures. Some of these effects include Fisheye, Polandroid, ToyCam, Warhol, and SymmetriCam…

Vignette – neilandtheresa (Free)

This app provides 68 film and flash effects, 56 frames, plus crop, zoom, and timer features. Some of the effects included are Polaroid, cross processing, tilt-shift, toy camera, and LOMO. The pro version is $4.

Camera ZOOM FX – Androidslide ($4.79)

Camera ZOOM FX packs 40 photo effects, photo bursts, zoom, timers, stable shot, white balance, grids and sound activation. This app also integrates with Twitter and Facebook and includes geotargeting capabilities.