What is Hot in Photo Album Software Today?

Digital photography has taken over the world of photography in a storm, new photographers are excited and are absolutely loving being able to get creative and snap away till their hearts content. Family photographs and holiday pictures are filling up computer hard drives fast. Professional photographers have expanded their services with many thousands of stock images, and even larger digital photography data bases.

Photographers are not alone in their passion for images, visual artists are also excited, certainly graphic designers and digital artists are creating new designs and collecting images left and right.
Hard drives are filling up and files and folders are scattered right though our computers. It is often embarrassing when we are clicking though our computers looking for a particular image to show our friends and family or even clients. Locating an image seems to take forever, not to mention those awkward moments that occur when we open a more personal image or some really bad photograph we had no intentions of showing anyone.

The answer to these frustrating and sometimes even uncomfortable moments is a well organized and easy to search digital image album. We have reviewed many, some were great and some not so great, but here we have bought you the best.

PicaJet FX:

PicaJet FX is fantastic digital photo management and image database software. PicaJets features allow users to professionally categorize and access large digital image collections quickly and easily. PicaJet FX offers everything you need in a photo management system and nothing you don’t need. Certainly PicaJet FX contains superb editing features including red-eye reduction, cropping, image sharpening and more. PicaJet FX has many additional features such as an image search engine with support for EXIF data, slide show maker and a web gallery generator just to name a few.

PicaJet FX works effortlessly and surprisingly fast with very large databases. One feature that is most certainly very valuable is the ability to hide private photographs


Picasa puts the fun into digital photo album making for new photographers. It is certainly an easy to use program that organizes and edits your photographs for sharing with family and friends on the internet. Additionally Picasa offers users red-eye reduction cropping and the ability to create slideshows or image timelines. This is a very popular utility for mums and dads users for its ability to easily attach photographs to email messages for sending.

PaintShop Pro Album:

PaintShop Pro Album is very popular among photographers, the list of editing features is endless, although many of these most of us well never use after the novelty has worn off, Certainly PainShop Pro Album includes all of the usual features such as image adjustment for brightness, color and specific photographic flaws, it also includes the handy ability to create photo collages. PaintShop Pro Album offers users a little fun with the ability to manipulate images with warping and twisting effects, image blur, talk bubbles and even art media presentations.

Organizing and sharing is also made fun and easy with PainShop Pro Album with the inclusion of an automated album maker, print templates and slide shows.

Adobe Bridge:

Adobe Bridge was created by Adobe Systems as part of their Creative Suite to act as a link between parts of the suite, but is a handy organizational tool in its own right. Adobe Bridge has the ability to perform some PhotoShop processing functions. Registered users of Adobe Bridge are granted access to huge gallery of Adobe stock photos collected from well known and respected stock photo houses.

Useful features include batch renaming and organizing and the ability to work in camera raw file format. Images may be viewed in a variety of thumbnails, slideshows or lists.

With so many different digital album software available it would certainly be difficult to offer you a complete guide to each of them, but we have tried, and I believe perhaps even come close. To find a comprehensive list of album software go to [http://www.photoalbumsoftwarelist.com] a link to each of the products publisher is available in the description.

Point That Android Phone and Shoot a Better Picture! – Top 5 Photo Apps

While your smart phone is great for making calls, texting, or even watching the latest news, most have the added advantage of taking pictures and sending them to anyone in an instant. Features like zooming, sepia and negative filters can make you look like a professional pretty quickly. But if you are interested in improving on the basics check out these photo editing apps:

Camera Illusion – Android Illusion (Free)

Most photo editors only allow you to add effects after a picture is taken. With this app, you can add effects before taking a photo such as comic art, rough glass effects, x-ray filter, borders, and masks. The pro version is under $3.

PicSay – Shinycore (Free)

The easy user interface makes this editor a great addition to your tool set. Users can correct color, crop images, write balloon captions, and apply special effects. The pro version allows you to remove red-eye and has more effects you can apply. Pro version is under $5.

FxCamera – ymst (Free)

As the name suggests, this app allows the user to apply a vast array of special effects to their pictures. Some of these effects include Fisheye, Polandroid, ToyCam, Warhol, and SymmetriCam…

Vignette – neilandtheresa (Free)

This app provides 68 film and flash effects, 56 frames, plus crop, zoom, and timer features. Some of the effects included are Polaroid, cross processing, tilt-shift, toy camera, and LOMO. The pro version is $4.

Camera ZOOM FX – Androidslide ($4.79)

Camera ZOOM FX packs 40 photo effects, photo bursts, zoom, timers, stable shot, white balance, grids and sound activation. This app also integrates with Twitter and Facebook and includes geotargeting capabilities.

Pros and Cons of Using Photos As References For Portrait Paintings

Commissioning a portrait painting by having the artist use photos as references can be very cost-effective and convenient compared to the alternative of going to the artist’s studio and sitting as a live model. Using photos allows you to work with any artist world-wide. Having access to that hugely expanded talent-pool usually lets you find better value for money than working with artists only confined to your geographic area. What are some other pros and cons of using photos instead of live sittings?

Pro: You don’t need to get everyone together into a room. Instead, the artist can mix and match people from different photos. For example, that makes it possible to paint portraits including deceased family members.

Pro: You can pick and choose your best expressions. It might be hard to replicate your desired mood and facial expression when sitting in a studio. Instead, just pick out your favorite Kodak moment and ask the artist to reference it.

Con: Working based on still photos can tempt the artist to only copy the photo, missing out on opportunities to make the subjects look better and add more energy and a human touch to the portrait. This depends on the skill and experience of the artist. Before choosing an artist, look through their portfolio and decide yourself if their work looks like a bland photo or more like the subjects are connecting with the audience.

Con: Since the artist is working remotely you have fewer chances to see the work in progress and give feedback. Mitigate this by asking the artist to share a pencil drawing first before starting to paint in oil. This allows you to confirm the overall composition is as you’ve imagined. Also, even once the artist has finished painting the first draft, it’s easy to make chances to oil paintings — the artist can simply paint on top (unlike with other media like watercolors).

For more and more people the pros outweigh the cons here, and they choose to have their portrait painted by an artist working remotely and using pictures. It allows them to buy museum-quality commissioned fine art, sometimes at a fraction of the cost of working with an artist in a studio nearby.